Jayne Dawson: Kate, thank you for giving us some baby gossip at last

Don’t go mad, it’s not rich pickings, nothing to jump up and down about – a phrase I can never write without seeing Tom Cruise leaping up and down on that Oprah sofa – eek, the embarrassment, even all these years later.

Kate would never leap up and down outside of a netball court, so we’re safe there, but she is at last proving gossipily newsworthy as her mum-to-be status progresses.

She began well enough, with a dramatic flourish even, as intense morning sickness drove her into hospital and forced her to reveal her condition to the world long before she would normally have made such an announcement.

But then all went quiet. Mid-pregnancy can be a bit boring and Kate’s was more boring than most.

If she and William have been spending every night poring over the baby development books with a mug of Ovaltine each – and I hope they have because that’s a lovely thing to do – then we don’t know about it.

If there have been rows over names, then all has been kept hush-hush and, in any case, much as we would love to imagine it, we know there will not have been, since Kate and William are so simpatico in all things.

But now there are, at last, the signs of a baby bump, plus some rather short hemlines, and that is enough to perk up our interest, for now.

It means that articles can be written envisaging the strength of the abdominal muscles that are keeping that baby so much under wraps.

And comments can be made on all that leg recently on show, presumably to detract from the baby bump.

As Kate gets bigger, there will be the opportunity to compare her maternity outfits – tasteful, tailored, body skimming – with the maternity fashions of previous years.

Believe me, no matter how many decades pass, you never forget your maternity clothes. I myself fell victim to the pink dungaree period of maternity wear of the mid-1980s. My other outfit was a neon pink dress with spots like saucers, to match to the eyes of any who gazed upon me. I don’t know what I looked like on the outside but, on the inside, I was Bananarama, and was happy.

Kate will never look Bananarama, she is probably too young to have heard of them, nor will she indulge in the 90s bare belly trend, though I would love it if she did, for the shock value and also because I rather liked that look.

But now what we have is pictures of Kate buying things, and we must content ourselves with that.

Only this week Kate was spotted buying a white Moses basket with mum Carole. The basket cost £295 and Kate and Carole bought it while both wearing dark blue jeans teamed with black boots.

In even bigger news, Kate has revealed that she has chosen her pushchair and this, for those who don’t know, is a big purchase, not just in cost, but in terms of personal identity.

Kate could have chosen a Silver Cross – a brand that conjures up images of nannies in uniforms, or upper middle class mummies in the park, but she didn’t.

She could have chosen the iCandy, a British make favoured by those who think of themselves as younger and hipper than Silver Cross people, but she didn’t.

Instead, Kate has gone for the A-lister’s choice, the Bugaboo. It doesn’t fit into the boot of small cars, it requires focus and possibly training to unfold, but it was designed by a Dutchman who wanted a pushchair that both men and women would be happy to push, which allows the possibility of all manner of modern dad photo opportunities for William.

So this Kate’s greatest gift to us so far, a modest and uneventful pregnancy – but with the promise of good family snaps to follow.

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