Horry County school board members get extra cash

The Horry County School Board approved $7,500 for each board member to use however he or she would like for his or her district at Monday nights meeting.

Each board member would have to put his or her proposal before the rest of the board before the money is actually spent.

Its meant to support the needs in each particular district.

I would have actually approved more money, said school board chairman, Joe Defeo.  Its for the little things that a school might need that we can address immediately.

Defeo says it could go toward simple projects, like murals.

He says it would mean teachers and students wouldnt have to fundraise for those kinds of projects.

Defeo sees this extra money as a positive for the schools.

One board member explained to me if a teacher or a principal needed a little bit more money for supplies, that it is something that she would be more than happy to spend that money for, said Defeo.

Three board members opposed the decision because they said its not enough money to divide within the large school district.

One member, Neil James from District 10, said it would be difficult to divide in Carolina Forest, Conway, Green Sea Floyds and Loris, all of which are within his district.

Defeo says the money is coming from un-designated reserves, meaning its money the school board already has in the bank thats not allocated toward anything.

He said the board didnt put that money towards the new schools that are going to be built because the $90,000 wouldnt put a dent in the $300 million building project.

The $7,500 is broken up into semesters and doesnt roll over.

Everyone will be able to see how the money is spent in each district, because Defeo says its discussed in open meetings.

I think generally speaking that whatever a board member asks for, will be approved, said Defeo.

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