Exchange Alley: Gumbo and miscellaneous questions and answers

Its almost Lent, and the huge barge that was Super Bowl Mardi Gras is moving on down the river. At last. Lets do Qs and As and follow-up to previous Alley/food stuffs.

Hi Judy, I love your video with the lady who made roux in the microwave, writes an online reader from the San Diego area. I cant wait to try it. I love seafood gumbo but rarely make because of the time required to stir the roux and then the okra.

My question concerns the addition of okra to gumbo. Following my mothers recipe I have always added the sliced okra after the roux was done and the veggies were browned. The recipe calls to stir and stir until the okra ceases to rope, and that combination just takes too long for my patience.

I was born and raised in New Orleans but have lived in the San Diego area for 38 years. The T-P food and sports sections have let me feel a part of New Orleans (Saints amp; LSU!)

I would love to know other options for adding okra to seafood gumbo.

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