KY hopeful grant will help close tech skills gap, create jobs

I don't owe any money (college loans)!" "There are five jobs waiting for every graduate from an Advanced Manufacturing Technology program," Gimmel said.

5 Steps Every College Grad Should Take for Financial Health

Perhaps some of this is true, but the vast majority of Millennials like myself are trying their hardest to make ends meet, save enough money to have an emergency fund, pay off college loans, and perhaps have a bit extra to have fun. Saving for

Bankrupt Heritage College grossed $50M in months leading up to bankruptcy

That suit, which is currently on appeal before the Eighth Circuit, alleges that Heritage College falsified grades and other records so that it could milk students for their college loans, with little regard for the quality or utility of instruction

Bridgeway Academy to Host “How to Prepare for College” Webinar Today at 2pm ET

Not only are kids lacking academically, but they go to college acquiring debt and starting their life stressed and bogged down with college loans. These statistics can become a huge burden for parents when deciding the best path of education for their

Esky graduates enlist in the US Army Reserves

An enlistment in the Reserve gives many students a chance to learn a new skill, serve their country, as well as become eligible for more than $37,440 towards their college education and $50,000 for repayment of qualifying college loans. In addition …

What Makes a Great Salesperson Tick

The most motivated salespeople I know are motivated by specific things they want to have in their lives. I'm working with two young salespeople right now who know exactly why they're working so hard.


As a recruit, the soldier will have many options available to learn new skills while serving our country and will become eligible to receive more than $37,440 toward a college education and $50,000 for repayment of qualifying college loans. After

Foot Care Facts Academic Scholarship

It is easy to get a college degree without having to worry about college loans for most of the starting of your career. So, with the help of foot care facts; you can now fulfill your college dream, and that too without having to worry about paying off

Change in household? Time to update insurance

The U.S. household is changing. The typical single-family home has evolved in the 21st century. Today, it's not uncommon for older parents to move in with their grown children, and with the combined rise in housing costs and debt from college loans

Increasing tuition rates concern President-elect

Trump's statements about privatizing college loans and dismantling the Department of Education fit in with the kind of policies Republicans have traditionally favored, Deen said.