Here Are The Brands Investors Were Buying And Selling In December

It can be incredibly useful to see how others are approaching the market. And while you can get a good gauge on sentiment based on price, it's harder to see what stocks people are flowing in and out of.

Forget everything you know about selling IT

A recent report from CRN UK and Computing gathered the opinions of 275 end user buyers and 147 resellers to see if their respective buying and selling cycles overlapped well or not. The "TL/DR" (too long, didn't read) is basically that they didn't

Client Investments: Pros and Cons of Buying Gold

(Don't forget those buying and selling commissions.) People often see the price of gold on financial websites or news programs ($1,272.40 an ounce as of Oct. 31, 2016) and use that as a benchmark.

How Art and Law Can Work Together Beyond the Marketplace

The buying and selling of new kinds of work as well the age-old anxiety among owners regarding questions of authenticity and originality compelled buyers, sellers, and artists to entrust attorneys with the safeguarding of their property interests

THE RUPEE: all-round gains

The rupee improved with slight gains against the dollar on the money market on Friday in the process of trading, dealers said. The rupee managed to halt erosion in its value versus the dollar, recovering 10 paisas for buying and selling at Rs 108.10

Workshop explores the art of buying, selling a business

Small business coach Gary Einhorn will discuss the art of buying and selling a business during a one-hour workshop at 12:15 p.m.

THE RUPEE: easier trend

Falling trend was seen on the money market as the rupee fell modestly against the dollar during the week, ended on 12 Dec, 2016. OPEN MARKET RATES: The rupee shed 30 paisas in term of the greenback for buying and selling at Rs 107.20 and Rs 107.40 …

Programmatic ad-buying in 2017: What marketers should know

Ad tech has birthed an abundance of new vendor solutions that provide valuable services, but the continued addition of these middlemen has exposed the unacceptable costs and lack of transparency in buying and selling programmatically. So with 2016 …

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As a member of local Facebook group 209 Food Spot, Mariza Reulas shared recipes and organized potlucks with her Northern California community.

How US markets react the day before a presidential election

Also coming into play is that on both the day before and the day of the election, investors are more preoccupied with voting than buying and selling stocks, he said. Of course, this election season has been markedly different from cycles in the past