Should you raise your auto insurance deductible?

With auto insurance, you manage risk through the deductible – the amount of a repair bill you are willing to pay when you file a claim.

Confie acquires Auto Insurance America to beef up southwest footprint

Confie acquires Auto Insurance America to beef up southwest footprint Confie, a national provider of personal and commercial insurance lines, recently announced its acquisition of Auto Insurance America that will result in a partnership with its parent

Get Low Cost Auto Insurance Price Estimates By Following Some Simple Rules

Online auto insurance quotes provided by are selected from top agencies around the country.

Columbus County man charged in auto insurance scam

WHITEVILLE – Identity theft and fraud charges have been leveled against a Whiteville man accused in an auto insurance scam, a N.C.

Auto Insurance – Hybrid Equals Savings

If you haven't already given up on cars altogether, then you can cut the bus pass and put the bicycle back in the garage. The reason for this is the hybrid car.

Mutual Insurance Companies Offer the Best Value

… a study that analyzed claims over the past five years for over 300 auto insurance companies, comparing premiums with the amounts paid for claims.

What Young Drivers Should Note About Auto Insurance – Car Insurance Tips

It is easy for young people between the ages of 17 years and 25 years to learn how to drive. Most times they pass their driving tests on their first attempt.

McQuiston: Someone Broke Into My Car … What Does My Auto Insurance Cover?

What if someone broke into your vehicle and took whatever was inside? Do you know what your car insurance covers? If you have comprehensive coverage, your insurance company will most likely pay to repair any damage the burglar has done to your car.

Top Factors That Make Auto Insurance Premiums Expensive!

When shopping for auto insurance, the safest way is to stick to top ranking providers. Every agency has a website where clients can find more information about available offers and get a free quote.

Missouri Auto Insurance – Required Coverage

Like other states, Missouri also requires all owners and drivers of automobiles to carry the minimum of liability auto insurance at limits as determined by the state. This coverage is required to cover the bodily injury and damages caused to others by