Change in household? Time to update insurance

The U.S. household is changing. The typical single-family home has evolved in the 21st century. Today, it's not uncommon for older parents to move in with their grown children, and with the combined rise in housing costs and debt from college loans

Increasing tuition rates concern President-elect

Trump's statements about privatizing college loans and dismantling the Department of Education fit in with the kind of policies Republicans have traditionally favored, Deen said.

Top Factors That Make Auto Insurance Premiums Expensive!

When shopping for auto insurance, the safest way is to stick to top ranking providers. Every agency has a website where clients can find more information about available offers and get a free quote.

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Bankhaus Lampe KG announced Aareal Bank (ETR:ARL), boosting its stock price target to 32.00EUR today

The Structured Property Financing combines property finance with refinancing, services domestic and international clients on their property and creates financing packages for logistics properties, shopping centers and hotels.

John Ninfo: No reason to be taken advantage of

In addition, you don't have a car loan, because you had one four-year car loan. You kept that first car for at least eight to nine years, and you saved the monthly payment after you paid off the loan, so that you would have the money to purchase your

Lenders offer deals for car loans as the holidays near

Other banks and lending institutions also have been pushing auto loans. Ivan Drury, a senior analyst at, said lots of financing deals are available right now – such as Chrysler offering zero percent financing for seven years – and that

Advisers work on waste management deal

Castle Square assisted the fundraising process, which resulted in HSBC also providing the necessary funds to refinance the existing borrowings within Red, as well as providing acquisition finance, property finance and working capital facilities, to

How some Roseville auto dealerships plan to cut energy use

Three dealerships of the Sullivan Auto Group have installed an extensive $5.7 million clean-energy project that's expected to cut energy use by about 87 percent.

Programmatic ad-buying in 2017: What marketers should know

Ad tech has birthed an abundance of new vendor solutions that provide valuable services, but the continued addition of these middlemen has exposed the unacceptable costs and lack of transparency in buying and selling programmatically. So with 2016 …