How to avoid deep college debt

And college loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy, so paying them back can devastate the whole family, affecting the parents' ability to borrow and their lifestyle in retirement.

Legislative action considered on increasing level of minimum auto insurance requirements

Concerned that the minimum auto insurance allowed under Kentucky law doesn't provide motorists with enough coverage for property damage, a panel of state lawmakers met recently to discuss whether legislative action was needed.

British females more savvy when financing a new car than males: Study

Nearly one in five (19%) said they would be using car (dealership) finance, while 17% said they would use their bank or other financial institution (e.

Hampshire Trust Bank Set for Expansion with Move to Larger London HQ

… into profit, we are now focused on building on this success and ensuring we are well positioned to make the most of future opportunities.

Identity thieves are heading back to school, too

Often a young child who is a victim of identity theft does not even find out that he or she has become a victim of identity theft until he or she reaches the age of 18 and first applies for a car loan, credit, a scholarship or an educational loan. The

Can I Finance a Car with a Dismissed Bankruptcy?

A dismissed bankruptcy is extremely damaging to a consumer's credit report. However, there may still be a way to get approved for a car loan. Recently, we received a question from a potential car buyer wondering how a dismissed bankruptcy will affect

Finding the Best Car Insurance Policy and Rate

Auto insurance is required by law in most states, so if you are going to drive, you need to purchase coverage. You should find out what your state's requirements are for minimum liability coverage, but you will also need to think about your specific

Saudi Arabia prepares to privatise 13 ministries and government agencies

The Ministry of Housing: Transferring a property development fund to a financial corporation in order to fill the gap that exists within the property finance sector. The fund will become the executive arm of the ministry of housing. The Ministry of

Plainridge to get more money to fund harness racing track

PLAINVILLE – The state Gaming Commission endorsed a plan Thursday to send more money from a racehorse development fund to the harness track at Plainridge Park Casino.

In Debt? These 7 Jobs Can Wipe it Out Fast

Serving at a restaurant. While it's not everyone's first choice, working at a restaurant is a tried and true way to pick up some extra money. It's how Lamar Dawson, a public relations executive in New York City, was able to knock out his student loan