Joining Uber for extra cash? Check out these pointers

More and more car owners today are joining Uber as a convenient way to earn extra money during their downtime. To be an Uber driver, you sign up through the Uber rider app downloadable on your smartphone.

Ally Beats Expectations Despite Decline in Auto Originations

Profit from the segment climbed 14% to $426 million, thanks to stronger pricing on auto loans. Ally shares are down 4% so far this year, less than the more than 7% decline in the KBW Nasdaq Bank index.

Amazon brand pumps up private student loan shopping

It can be highly annoying to spot some 3% private student loan rate only to realize that this is like a 0% car loan promotion that applies only to top-of-the-line borrowers.

5 Types of Auto Insurance Coverage You Should Think Twice Before Skimping On

However, if you do need to use it, skimping on the important types of insurance could seriously hurt your financially. If you are trying to figure out what you need and where you can save money, you need to know which auto insurance options you shouldn

High school finance courses pay dividends

Will the personal finance course also include how to finance a college education, not just how college loans work, but also cover unpopular options to finance college, such as taking one year off from college to work to save up money, even if it means

Florence Taylor Barner best choice in Group 3

Voters have four very different options in this race to replace retiring Judge Peter Skolnick. They are: a woman who started college at age 37; a young attorney who delivered pizzas to keep his law practice afloat; a feisty U.S.

Spiking housing prices in Namibia a response to market fundamentals

The past few months have seen increased speculation surrounding the real estate industry with various articles published by individuals, who based their views on insufficient real inside information to substantiate and support their findings.

UK Issues Guidance On Tax Changes For Landlords

Under the plans, the amount of income tax relief that landlords can claim on residential property finance costs will be restricted to the basic rate of tax (20 percent).

Former Accrington Stanley chairman appointed at Wealdstone

He runs the Peter Marsden Property Finance company, and resides in Cricklewood. Peter has had links with Wealdstone for the last few years through his grandson, who has played for the youth set up at Grosvenor Vale.

ACC Network is about more than money; it means stability

New members would get only partial shares for several years, while the 10 current members would divide some percentage of that extra money. But the ACC Network means more than money. Duke athletics director Kevin White, chair of the ACC's TV …