Auto Budget 2017: What to expect for the automobile industry

Lower Interest Rates – The industry expects the government to lower the interest rates on auto loans for passenger as well as commercial vehicles.

Dwight Jones

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AutoGravity Wants to Transform Auto Financing and its Available Now on Your Smartphone

Fintech firm AutoGravity launched its auto finance platform today allowing consumers the ability to access auto loans from across 46 different states.

Brodies expands infrastructure, real estate finance and tax expertise with three new partner appointments

Chris Dun specialises in investment and development property finance, property investment trusts, social housing finance, education finance and securitisation and bond issues.

12 important lessons all property investors should remember in 2017

You know less than you think you know. There is a nearly insurmountable amount of material to learn about in the fields of property, finance and economics. The big lesson is that I know so much less than I think I know. The markets will humble you if

Unexpected income: What to do with extra paychecks

"You need to know when that extra money is coming," Sorensen says. "That's when it might be good to ask for a payroll calendar so you can see when you are getting paid and expecting that extra paycheck so you can plan ahead.

Used Ford Mustang And F-150 Values To Drop After 2016 Sales Hangover

These institutions back auto loans and leases on the presumption that the leased vehicles will be able to be sold for a set price once the car is returned.

Here Are The Brands Investors Were Buying And Selling In December

It can be incredibly useful to see how others are approaching the market. And while you can get a good gauge on sentiment based on price, it's harder to see what stocks people are flowing in and out of.

Forget everything you know about selling IT

A recent report from CRN UK and Computing gathered the opinions of 275 end user buyers and 147 resellers to see if their respective buying and selling cycles overlapped well or not. The "TL/DR" (too long, didn't read) is basically that they didn't

Client Investments: Pros and Cons of Buying Gold

(Don't forget those buying and selling commissions.) People often see the price of gold on financial websites or news programs ($1,272.40 an ounce as of Oct. 31, 2016) and use that as a benchmark.